Rafting Gone Wild Raises $9000 for Conservation

Bye bye Bujagali Falls & DAM THE CONSEQUENCES!

On the Monday 28th February 2011 the east channel of the Nile below Bujagali Falls was closed off at the dam site to all river activities.

Whilst this did not mean the end of Grade 5 rafting, which now commences further down river, it did mean sadly saying goodbye to some of our favourite rapids including Bujagali Falls, Silverback and 50/50.

Bujagali Falls Going over in fifty fifty Big hit at Silverback

In commemoration of this day Nile River Explorers decided to try and sell EVERY SEAT on EVERY BOAT on the last day of rafting this section and give all the money raised away to conservation.

If we couldn't save our own Silverback, we could at least help to save others.

Over 100 people joined us on the river for the day, with many more remaining on dry land. Over 1,000 raffle tickets were sold and almost as many drinks !

Rafting Gone Wild

Money raised on the day was given to the following organisations:

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Major Sponsors

Nile River Explorers would like to thank the following: