Kingsley Holgate United Against Malaria Expedition 2010

The expedition, led by Kingsley Holgate aimed to capture the energy and common purpose of the FIFA 2010 World Cup and use this to overcome malaria on the African continent. The expedition launched on World Malaria Day highlighted the fight against malaria ahead of the World Cup coming to Africa.

United Against Malaria Expedition Activity:

Include soccer themed malaria distribution events, all with a strong malaria prevention education initiative with United Against Malaria branded colouring-in books and posters. Malaria prevention Land Rovers fitted with P.A. systems and trained malaria prevention educators were used.

2010 United Against Malaria Expedition Scroll:

United Against Malaria partners endorsed a 2010 United Against Malaria Scroll that was be carried to and messaged by 12 countries across Africa – This historic Scroll was returned to South Africa ahead of the World Cup to be endorsed by football stars.

Expedition Route:

The expedition will visited the following 12 countries:
South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya
And included the following iconic geographic points:
  • To Gorongosa  in Mozambique
  • To the top of Mount Mulanje in Malawi
  • To where Dr Livingstone’s heart lies buried near Lake Bangweulu in Northern Zambia
  • To the lip of Mosi ao Tunya, the Victoria Falls
  • To Lake Tanganyika, Africa’s longest and deepest lake
  • To the lip of the Kalambo Falls (more than twice the height of the Victoria Falls)
  • To the southern most source of the Nile in Burundi
  • To beautiful Lake Kivu in Rwanda
  • To the summit of Mount Stanley in the famed Ruwenzori’s – Mountains of the Moon
  • To Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake
  • To a malaria prevention event in the Serengeti and Ngorogoro
  • To Speke’s source of the Nile and the Bujagali Falls
  • To Uhuru Peak, summit of Kilimanjaro – highest freestanding mountain in the world.
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