Family Rafting

Want the thrills without the spills?

Not all rapids are created equal, many rivers offer a rafting experience that is ideal for families and children and the Nile is no exception. Because of the unique geology of the river with its great expanse and many islands, a high adventure raft trip can put in along side a milder family trip.
Rafting combines the very best elements of a great family day out: excitement, adventure, scenery and great food. Rafting can also be a multi-generational trip. As many as three generations (grandparents, parents and children) have safely paddled down the Nile together! 


And over she goes

Rafting Discount Voucher

Raft with Nile River Explorers and you will receive a voucher offering the chance to raft again for just $85 as well as offers for some other great discounts on activities and accommodation in the Jinja area.
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