Itinerary - Grade 3 Full Day Rafting

Grade 3 Full Day Rafting - US$140

Grade 3 Full Day Rafting - US$140

Remote and unspoilt this is the ideal one day white water rafting trip for families with children as young as eight or groups who want to experience white water rafting on the Nile without the intensity of grade 5 rapids.

Whether staying in Jinja or Kampala, we will provide free transport to our rafting meet point, Explorers Backpackers. Please ensure that we are aware of your pick-up point by the night before.

Grade 3 raftingOn arrival at Explorers Backpackers, you will have the opportunity to meet your fellow rafters and guides while enjoying a tea or coffee. After a quick briefing, you will fitted out with life jackets and helmets provided by Nile River Explorers before heading off 15kms down river to the start point of the days rafting.

En-route you will have time to enjoy a breakfast of “Rolex”, fruit salad and juice. “Rolex” (rolled eggs) is Uganda’s famous equivalent of a breakfast burrito, a tasty Spanish omelette wrapped in a chapatti. Rafting is a physical activity so make sure you eat up big. Snacks of fruit, nuts and biscuits are provided on the river to help keep your energy levels up throughout the day, but we don’t like to weigh you down with a big lunch just before the next major rapid.
Our rafting start point is on a flat pool just above our first major rapid, Overtime. While our crew unload the rafts and slide them down the ramp into the river you will have time to admire the spectacular view as well as use the toilets and changing room provided on site. Once down at the river’s edge, you will receive a detailed safety briefing, before launching into the river for a last bit of practical instruction as we float down the pool. We walk around the first Grade V rapid, Overtime, but have the opportunity to watch the Grade V rafters plummet over the 12ft drop.
Cooling off on the flat sectionsAs the river meanders through beautiful scenery, we guide the rafts through some of the deep water and big waves of the fun Grade III rapids of the Nile. The bonus of this section is that the Grade III rapids run alongside the Grade V run, so we get a chance to watch the thrills and spills of rafts on the wild run, while remaining secure and safe with our guides on the mild rapids, or while viewing them from the bank as we walk around.

Calm stretches of water separate the rapids – perfect for getting your breath back, taking a swim and enjoying the scenery.
At the end of the rafting day we pull over at our new Riverside Restaurant, just downstream of the Hairy Lemon Island, for a delicious BBQ buffet lunch and cold beers and sodas. Once you have eaten your fill and sated your thirst with a couple of cold ones, you will be transported you to your next destination, by FREE shuttle bus to Kampala, or back to Jinja.

For those of you staying at Explorers River Camp at Bujugali Falls, there is no better way to finish the day than by enjoying the unequalled views of a sunset on the Nile.