Itinerary - Grade 3 Two Day Rafting

Grade 3 Two Day Rafting - US$250

Grade 3 Two Day Rafting - US$250

The perfect adventure getaway for families, this trip is pure liquid fun. With plenty of opportunities to swim and splash in the Nile, you can show your children the fun and thrill of rafting as they learn how to paddle, perhaps for the first time.


Whether staying in Jinja or Kampala we will provide free transport to our rafting meet point, Explorers Backpackers. Please ensure that we are aware of your pick-up point by the night before.

On arrival at Explorers Backpackers, you will have the opportunity to meet your fellow rafters and guides while enjoying a buffet breakfast. Rafting is a physical activity so make sure you eat up big. Snacks of fruit, nuts and biscuits are provided on the river to help keep your energy levels up throughout the day, but we don’t like to weigh you down with a big lunch just before the next rapid.

After breakfast you will receive a full briefing of the days program and be fitted out with life jackets and helmets provided by Nile River Explorers before heading off 25kms down river to the start of our rafting just below Itanda Falls.

The excitement begins almost as soon as you put in the water. Four big fun rapids are rafted during the day, each of which can be as mild or wild as you prefer. Deep water, big waves and flat moving pools offer lots of opportunities for swimming, diving, playing and even riverboarding some of the waves.

Stopping in the early afternoon, a delicious late lunch awaits us at The Hairy Lemon Island Camp where we will spend the night. Situated in the middle of the Nile this idyllic island is the perfect place to camp. With its own beach, there lots of opportunity to continue the fun with game of water volleyball and or simply relax in the calm pools that surround the island.
For the keen fisherman, this is the perfect place cast a line. Bring along your own rods or hire them there.
Relax with a drink while watching the wonders of nature and the dramatic colour change of the sky and the river on sunset. Enjoy a sumptuous BBQ dinner before drifting away to the campfire to reflect on the days events.

Day 2

After a huge leisurely breakfast enjoying the peace and harmony of the River Nile we paddle a further 10 kms down the river. The Nile is much calmer here so we spend the day alternating between rafting, swimming and, for the more adventurous we offer you the chance to test out your own guiding skills in 2 man inflatable rafts.

As with all our full day and multi day trips, our adventure ends with a well earned BBQ buffet and some cold beers and soda’s. For those of staying at Explorers Rier Camp there is no better way to finish the day than by enjoying the unequalled views of a sunset over the Nile.