Grade 5 White Water Rafting

Jinja Uganda - The Source of the River Nile

Since ancient times the River Nile has been revered by man as a source of life, prosperity and great wonder. But never have more people been seduced, exhilarated and thrilled by this mighty river than by experiencing grade 5 white water rafting at its source in Uganda.
It’ll beat you, challenge you and have you screaming for more, and if you get too close it will suck you in and spit you straight back out again.

So why choose Grade 5 White Water Rafting on the NiIe?

Because you can! The Nile is widely considered to be one of the safest and wildest grade 5 white water rafting arenas in the world, and we want to share it with you. No experience necessary, just a grade 5 attitude and a sense of adventure. Our professional, highly experienced rafting guides know every bend and rapid in the river and are there with you all the way.

Why ride the bus when you can drive a sports car?

Nile River Explorers is the only rafting company on the Nile that uses 14ft rafts on every trip. These smaller boats carry fewer people and are designed for greater maneuverability and ease of paddling. They provide a wilder ride for the brave, while still providing a stable platform for those who want an easier day. With a maximum of seven clients to one guide, you are also ensured of the best personal care during your trip.

Full Day Rafting Special !!!!

Raft with NRE and receive a FREE 2 HOUR SUNSET CRUISE inclusive of food and drinks, normally valued at US$45.
Offer valid until 30th June.
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Grade 5 rafting

Combo Deals

We’ve teamed up with some of Jinja’s leading professional operators to provide you with the best ever Nile combo’s. For total thrills, excitement and adventure, combine rafting, tandem kayaking or riverboarding with a cruise on the Nile. The choice is yours.
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And over she goes

Rafting Discount Voucher

Raft with Nile River Explorers and you will receive a voucher offering the chance to raft again for just $85 as well as offers for some other great discounts on activities and accommodation in the Jinja area.
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