Birding Safaris

Birding Safaris - US$25 / Min 3

Birding Safaris - US$25 / Min 3

Watch the amazing bird life on the Nile from a boat which allows you to get really close to the Fish Eagle, Palm Nut Vulture, Kingfisher, Jacana and many more! Even if birds are not your passion, this trip is a must!

What a lot of people do not know is that Uganda is the birding paradise of Africa. According to birders all over the world, the bird watching here is phenomenal with around 1,000 species to be seen.

The difficulty is getting close enough to the birds to observe them. This hindrance changes with a boat, particularly one with a quiet engine. Birds do not feel threatened by a boat, so you can get close to them.

Our boat is specially suited for bird watchers. It sails between the Jinja dam and Bujagali dam, along tree-lined river banks, into beautiful coves and inlets, and between picturesque islands.

Feeding the Fish Eagles is always popular as you get the opportunity to see them take a fish out of the water in close proximity.  Although the Fish Eagles in the area are accustomed to being fed please remember that they are wild birds and do not rely on us feeding them, nor are they always around. 

The boat is operated by a professional and passionate birder. He is a knowledgeable expert on the great variety of bird species to be found here, their habits and habitats.

Malachite Kingfisher Bird Safari Boat

Bird Safari Boat Pied Kingfisher