Grade 5 Raft Riverboard

Raft Riverboard - US$160

Raft Riverboard - US$160

A must for any thrill seeker, pure liquid fun! Riverboarding the grade 5 rapids allows you to increase the adventure and challenge the mighty white Nile face to face.

Looking for an adrenaline rush?
While white water rafting is a guaranteed good time, anytime, some paddlers are looking for the ultimate in excitement and challenge. If that's the case and you are ready for an extreme test, you'll want to try our raft riverboard combo
This trip combines rafting and riverboarding, so that you can rest the flat water sections and safely raft the few rapids that are considered unsafe for riverboarding. If you’re up to it, try your hand at river surfing on a standing wave
Riverboarding is extreme boogie boarding and a great way to experience the Nile – from a whole different angle!

Grade 5 rafting

Combo Deals

We’ve teamed up with some of Jinja’s leading professional operators to provide you with the best ever Nile combo’s. For total thrills, excitement and adventure, combine rafting, tandem kayaking or riverboarding with a cruise on the Nile. The choice is yours.
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Riverboarding on the Nile Riverboarding on the Nile